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The Lady Of The Forest
12 December 2009 @ 12:44 pm
I've now got the new LiveJournal Messenger. My Windows Live ID is aleriadeufania@livejournal.com. Sign up now and we can chat!
The Lady Of The Forest
29 July 2008 @ 08:09 am
Yesterday was a good day. Did some packing, did some writing, played some Eternal Sonata, had a nice long sex session. Was good.

I have like, 6 boxes full of nothing but books and manga. Oi >.>

TODAY, however, is gonna proceed like this: Go to work, have loads of (not) fun, go to other job... not to work, but to pick up Soul Calibur IV, and skip stupid raiding in WoW so I can play SCIV ALL NIGHT. Bwahahaha! Doubt I will be as productive as last night, but I'm gonna have a whole lot of fun. I hope Seong Mi-na kicks ass in this game. And Ivy always does, though I doubt I'll have the dedication to learn how to play her effectively like I've always wanted to.
The Lady Of The Forest
02 June 2008 @ 08:26 pm
I wanted to spend my alone time this evening writing, but my nap went over-schedule, and then I spent about 2 hours browsing www.seawayhelpwanted.com and applied to a couple of jobs. I also made some searches and set up auto email for Alcoa, since the Alcoa plant is pretty much the highest paying non-state organization in this area. I hear its a bitch to get in, but there is nothing wrong with getting my name in and knowing when a job opens up. Living here sucks at times, because the only above-average occupations around here hire so rarely. The only other places I have hopes of getting a job at entry level are retail and fucking food. Not what I spent thousands of dollars getting an education for. However, when you do get that job, it rocks because the cost of living is so much lower here than in more condensed areas.

I am growing frustrated. Keith and I want to move on with our lives. Get a house, start a family... but I am severely holding us back from achieving these things. Considering the $250 bill getting taken out of our account every month for my school loan, and my main source of income being under the table, and lack of credit... getting a loan for a house is a bitch. Even if we could get approved for a loan, I have a feeling that we would be house poor. If Steve was still living with us, we'd obviously up his rent and stuff, but even still.

I am trying to increase, severely, the amount of time I spend working towards getting a real job. I'm off to a good start today, but I worry it won't last long. Tomorrow I work 8-3 at the Coffee Shop, then 3:30 to close at GameStop, so job-searching and WiiFit are out of the question. I might see if I can manage half an hour of yoga, or maybe browsing on seawayhelpwanted.com again (though two days in a row is overkill for a NNY job posting site) so I feel somewhat productive.

Thats the thing. Even if I work all day at both jobs, I don't feel like I am accomplishing anything. I've been with a degree for a year and haven't even gotten a foot-in-the-door job yet. My skill and education are going to waste right now.

Anyway, I did my 10-15 minute break, now back to more strength training with WiiFit!
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The Lady Of The Forest
21 May 2008 @ 08:26 am
I am thinking about asking Keith to get me WiiFit for our anniversary. We usually get each other something, and I've been thinking about doing WiiFit. I jog usually every other-every third day. Anything more than that is not recommended from what I've heard, and I would like to do something on my in-between days. Can't really DDR, (I usually DDR if it is too rainy or whatever to go outside) because its considered the same kind of workout. I think WiiFit would be perfect, as it has yoga and aerobics and things like that. I can't afford a home gym, and buying WiiFit for $90 is cheaper than subscribing to a gym or driving to SUNY Postdam to use their gym.

The only other immediate thing I want right now is an expensive PVC KOS-MOS statue. They are all over EBay. Hawt... but tres expensive.

Oh. Has anyone watched the Xenosaga anime? I downloaded it before on my old PC, haven't watched much besides a few episodes and was wondering if it was worth watching. Or is it more of a collectible? My assumption, of course, is that they probably slice-and-diced the plot in all sorts of horrible ways.

Help Wanted section of the newspaper lists little more than babysitters and waitresses wanted for hire. *Sigh*

Anybody else discover a lull in creativity? ...Hell, has it been rainy for the last 2 weeks for anyone else?

I hate to make excuses, but the weather could have something to do with it. When it is sunny and warm out I am full of energy and creativity. When it is dark and gloomy, I have trouble waking up in the morning and getting things accomplished.
The Lady Of The Forest
16 May 2008 @ 08:24 am
My apologies, I've disappeared again. Apology to jurisannarielle really, since she is pretty much the only person I talk to regularly online.

Here is the irony. I am once again addicted to Xenosaga. ^^ I am playing it over with Steve since he has never played any of the series. I told him the plot was intriguing and amazing and the character development was probably the best I'd ever seen, but I don't think he quite got it until now. The plot and characters only get better as the series continues. I'm anxious to see his reaction.

Not quite so anxious to play episode II though. Blech.

Since I've been away from the PC besides raiding in WoW, I'm kicking myself in the ass again to get to writing more. I was doing so well... almost done writing Jasmine and Amalthea's wedding scene. I got discouraged when trying to come up with what Jasmine was going to recite and lost it. >.>

I am getting frustrated with real life as well. Tired of my dead-end-less-than-20,000-a-year job a year after getting my degree.

I had an interview last Monday and haven't heard anything yet. I just called and left a message. I hate going to interviews and being told "You will hear from us either way" and then never hearing anything.

I especially hate it when the interview goes really smoothly and I still don't hear anything back.

Maybe I should take some more civil service exams. >.
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The Lady Of The Forest
06 May 2008 @ 08:36 am
Had my interview yesterday. It went well. Took about an hour as well. However, there are a lot of applicants. I prefer not to be too optimistic (what a surprise) but in any case I will know in about a week. I really need a job... A college education level job. I've been out of school with a degree for almost a year now with nothing to show for it. Need to get my foot in the door.

I went to this interview with my fabulous new hair cut. I chopped a lot of hair off. It was a big change for me, but I am happy I went through with it. Now I am even sexier than before, if you can imagine that! Maybe when my sister comes up this weekend I will have her take a picture or two so I can share with you all.

Other than those two bits of news, not much exciting has been going on. Trying to force myself to jog 2 miles as much as possible. Grinding levels and items with Steve in FFVIII (Gawd I <3 Ragnarok) and watching Keith play Lost Odyssey. I don't fight him for the TV because its been so long since he has been dedicated to something besides Warcraft and I don't want to ruin it! Hehe.
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The Lady Of The Forest
28 April 2008 @ 09:48 pm
Getting nervous. I have an interview Monday in Malone at WorkSource. I have to prepare an oral presentation for it. The worst part is I get to make up the subject. I think I am going to make the subject me. What a cop out, I know.

Gums are sore. Went to the dentist and got scraped for half an hour. Maybe I'll start flossing.

... Okay, probably not.

Best of news, however, is that Keith and I got a free Xbox 360. I said I would never spend money on one of those, and as it turns out we didn't have to. What happened was this: A 360 came back defective at Radioshack. Radioshack doesn't replace systems apparently, they give back a card with credit for the amount of the purchase. So a kid bought a 360 from Keith and as it turns out the hard drive was bad. So he got his money back, and Keith called the company and asked them what to do with the 360, and they told him to destroy it. Yeah right. So he went to my work and got another hard drive, and it started working fine. So we brought it home. And Lost Odyssey is the game I brought home for it. OMG. It is wonderful. I haven't gotten very far, but it is a gorgeous game and I like the battle system.

Oh yeah. And a NEW game that is actually turn based! Say what?!

The last new gen turn based game I've played is Enchanted Arms. Which I liked.. but strategy RPGs just don't have the same feel. As I hate to admit it, the 360 has more RPGs to choose from right now, so I am gonna check them out. Lost Odyssey was obviously the first on my list. Doubt I will beat it soon though. I pretty much just WoW, play FFVIII with Steve once in a while, and I've also started jogging since the weather has been nice.

Oh. And I am dog sitting at my parents house while they are in Las Vegas (!) for the week, and no 360 here. Just me, my laptop, and my PSP, which I got the new God of War game for.
The Lady Of The Forest
25 April 2008 @ 08:29 am
I am finally writing more. It feels...

Well, it feels like I am actually accomplishing something outside of showing up to work and making money. How great it would be to make money for writing so I wouldn't have to do anything else. Just stay at home and write. Concern myself with my characters more than whether my co-workers are gonna drive me nuts because they are in bitchy moods, or whether a customer knows what "Cafe Style" means when they order a sandwich. Or, one of my favorites, whether someone is stupid enough to buy a brand new video game without knowing anything about it, then bring it back without a receipt and want a full refund because they didn't like it.

As you can see, dealing with people is frustrating me. Especially to no cause I really care about. Well, I do love coffee and video games, but... you know what I mean. ^^

I got a letter about a week ago saying there is an open position in Malone, but have yet to hear anything. I'd like to at least get an interview, but... The letter was due the 23, so it is now 2 days later. Don't know how long it will take them to reply. And even if I was lucky enough to get the job I'd feel like shit for leaving the coffee shop when Nancy is already short staffed because Pat is out.

Yeah speaking of. Pat looks like she's lost weight. Definitely. She also looks extremely tired because she can't eat anything. I want to see how thin she actually gets before she inevitably gains all her weight back. I doubt she'll ever exercise or eat properly. To me that is very sad.
I can't understand how people can't force themselves to do anything. I mean... exercising isn't easy. But I do hardcore DDR about every other day. When my hemorrhoids were really bad I couldn't exercise for about 4 days, and it was killing me. I felt like an awful slob. Heh, then I went and jogged 2 miles for the first time since winter and my thighs hate me for it. And if you can't jog, then WALK. Walk, for god's sake! It's a start, and better than nothing.
The Lady Of The Forest
17 April 2008 @ 07:06 am
Wanna know what really fucking hurts? Having a big, swollen lump on your ass. No, on your assHOLE. Yeah, thats right. I have an inflamed lump of god-knows-what on my asshole. It bothers me all day when I am walking around, getting in and out of a vehicle (makes doing deliveries even worse), bending over, and I don't even want to talk about how it felt when I went poop yesterday >.>

Keith seemed weirded out when I told him my asshole hurt like hell, so I showed him and he was like "Holy shit you need to get that checked out." He visited with his mom last night while I was at Gamestop. She's been in the medical field for a long time now, so he explained to her my issue and she said she believes I have an "abcest" (??) I think. Anyone have any idea? The way Keith explained it to me last night, its like... my butthole, unlike most, doesn't close up 100%. Like it has a hole or something, and stuff can get in it and therefore it can get infected and sore. Which sounds about right, because it is sore 24/7 now. So at 8 I am calling my family doctor to make an appointment and get their opinion, and if my Mother in law is right, I'll have to get it frozen and sliced off. Yummy.
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The Lady Of The Forest
15 April 2008 @ 08:28 am
I accomplished what I wanted to do in Crisis Core, and that was kill Minerva. Zack was at level 81. Basically all you have to do is figure out how materia fusion works, and then manipulate the system like whoa. Once unlocking Minerva, I spent a lot of time going into the missions, stealing 99 Phoenix Downs, then used them for either a) selling at a shop to purchase materia to convert to SP, or b) used them in materia fusion.

So I got my stats where I wanted them (HP @ 99,999, then all other stats maxed except for luck). I was going to wear my Dualcast materia, which did not have any stat +100 on it, but I made an Ultima with +100 attack just to make Steve happy. And I went into the fight wearing it, and things went well so I left it. Having a maxed attack is unnecessary since Costly Punch does max damage without it.

And the ending to Crisis Core was just so damn depressing. Even though from the start anyone who has played FFVII will know what happens. After I finished the game I sat down at my computer to write, but I was too depressed. I ended up watching Final Fantasy crap on youtube instead.

But now that I don't have any video games to distract me, I really want to crack the whip on myself and write more.
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